China Arnold Gets Life for Microwaving Her 28-Day-Old Baby to Death



​The years was 2005, and China Arnold had just given birth to a baby girl a month before. But her boyfriend wasn’t ready to take responsibility for the child. He claimed the baby wasn’t his. They were arguing over paternity at a home in Dayton, Ohio that day…

That’s when China decided that if her boyfriend wouldn’t man up, she wouldn’t either. So she placed the little girl in the microwave for two minutes. The baby ended up dying from essentially being cooked to death.

It would take six years to bring China to justice. Her first trial ended in a mistrial in 2008 when a boy who was just 5 at the time came forward near the trial’s end to say he saw another kid put the baby in the microwave.

Her second trial was held that same year, but the jury couldn’t decide whether to sentence her to death of life in prison. So a judge sentenced her to life, but that decision was later overruled on appeal.

Earlier this month, she was convicted yet again, and this time it looks like it will stick. A judge sentenced her Friday to life with parole. (Special thanks to reader Sarah for the tip.)

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