Robert Williams, Moron of the Day: Admits to Being Pedophile in Police Application



​When you apply for a job with the San Diego PD, you’re required to fill out a lengthy questionnaire about yourself. And you’re supposed to do sit honestly. That left Robert Williams with something of a dilemma. He’s a pedophile, you see…

But by the time he reached question No. 172, he was feeling pretty good about his application, so he decided to answer honestly to a question about whether he’d ever had sexual contact with a child.

He also answered yes to a question about whether he’d ever viewed or purchased child porn.

Apparently Williams was too stupid to figure out that the San Diego PD wouldn’t be inclined to hire pedophiles. They’re weird that way. So instead of inviting him to join the academy, they got a warrant and raided his house.

He’d recently moved in with Rory Shipp, who took him in when he was down on his luck. But one day Shipp turned on her computer and found a file Williams had left. She opened it up to find a home video of a little girl “coming
out of her clothes,” she says.

Williams tried to explain that it wasn’t illegal to download child porn, but she booted him out of the house that day. But police confiscated his hard drive and cameras and arrested his ass.

Williams now claims that he was a coerced by a police captain who urged prospective cops to be truthful on the questionnaires. Somehow we don’t think that’s going to make a very good defense in court.

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