Tell Us About Your Disqus Problems



​We know people have been having a lot of problems with Disqus, so let’s try to get them solved, shall we? We want to hear about any issues you’ve been having lately. But in order to get things fixed, we need your help in relaying information that techs can use…

Here’s how it works. Disqus is a separate company that we contract with to run the commenting software. So we relay the problems to them, and they try to replicate them using the same operating system and browser you’re using to pinpoint what’s going wrong.

The problem is that the problems are so many and erratic — they may last for days or just an hour or two — that it’s hard for Disqus to replicate them. By the time they check, the problems are mysteriously gone.

So what I’d like to do is have you fill out this trusty questionnaire in the comment box. The more detailed you are, and the more info you provide, the more likely we can fix them. Cool?

And if you can’t comment at all, just fill out this questionnaire and email it to me by clicking on the “Contact Us” link on the right-hand bar.

Also, let’s please, please, please try to keep this thread strictly to Disqus issues so the techs will better be able to read it.

1. What kind of operating system do you use (ie. Windows Vista, Mac, a certain brand of cell phone, etc.)?

2. What kind of Browser are you using (Firefox, Explorer, etc.)?

3. What are you exactly seeing on the screen that’s causing a problem?

4. How long has this problem been going on? Has it been going on for days, or does it just happen for an hour or two then disappear?

5. Exactly why are you so cool for helping me out like this? Have you always been this cool, or is this a recent event?

Thanks for all your help.