Trey Zwicker, 14, Found Dead Behind Liberty High School in Kentucky



UPDATE: Police are treating the death of 14-year-old honor student Terrence Wayne “Trey” Zwicker III as a homicide. His body was found behind a Louisville high school in what appears to be a homicide. See update after the jump…

School officials say Trey was an honors student who’d never been in trouble before

​His dad says he dropped his son Terrence Wayne “Trey” Zwicker III off at
his mom’s house in Louisville on Mother’s Day. That’s the last time
he’d spoken to him. But yesterday afternoon, students at Liberty High
School made a horrifying discovery.

A group of about 10 kids were outside the school working on a Humanities class project. That’s when they found what appeared to be a body near a creek bed next to a baseball field behind the school. The body was later identified as Trey’s.

Either police don’t know how he died or simply aren’t saying. The area behind the school is wooded but surrounded by homes. Trey was a freshman at nearby Seneca High School.

UPDATE: Police are treating Trey’s death as a homicide.

No one’s saying exactly when or how Trey died, but he appears to have murdered. Police say they’re treating the investigation as a homicide, and a principal sent a letter home to parents making reference to “senseless violence.”

But so far, there are more questions than answers. It seems Trey was last scene Tuesday night. He didn’t show up for school Wednesday morning, and detectives believe he hadn’t been dead long by the time students discovered his body around 1 p.m.

Still, he doesn’t sound like the kind of kid who looked for trouble. He was an honors student who never got in trouble at school. 

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