Woman Stashes Knives in Her Belly Fat and Vagina; Gets Busted for Prescription Meds



​In the middle of a Sunday night in late April, 26-year-old Whitney Noelle Krimmel and a second unidentified woman squared off in a pill-fueled cat fight in Fort Myers, Florida. The estrogen combat appeared to be caused by Krimmel trying to heist prescription meds from the other woman…

It was just past 3 .m. when Lee County Sheriff’s deputies observed Krimmel (pictured above) and another woman exchanging haymakers in the middle of Danley Drive.
Once deputies had separated the combatants, they tried to sort the mess out. It was at this point when Krimmel gave authorities a false name. 
During questioning, both women behaved furtively and grew increasingly nervous as deputies tried to confirm their identities.
A female deputy was called in the conduct full-body searches.
The woman officer had dealt with Krimmel in her past run-ins with the law. The female deputy gave arresting deputies the scoop and Krimmel was slapped with an initial charge of providing a false name to a law enforcement official.
In the ensuing body searches of both women, deputies discovered 25 different prescription meds totaling 350 pills on Krimmel’s person.
The other woman — whose name was not revealed because she had a protective order in place against Krimmel — was soon rushed to a local hospital after officials had searched her at the scene of her battle with Krimmel.
While conducting their examination of the unnamed woman, hospital personnel discovered a knife and a bottle of prescription pills stashed in the rolls of her belly fat. More thorough scrutiny revealed a second knife stowed in the woman’s vagina. 
Krimmel was booked on 25 counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, 11 counts of possession of drug paraphernalia in addition to the single charge of giving a false identification to an officer.
Charges against the second woman were not made public.

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