Amber Hilberling, 7 Months Pregnant, Pushes Husband Out Window to 17-Story Plunge



​They were only married in August, but for Joshua and Amber Hilberling, this was not a union born of longing looks and starry-eyed glances. Amber, 19, soon became pregnant. Joshua, 23, got his discharge from the Air Force and moved his family to Tulsa…

Joshua had gotten an emergency protective order just a month before after Amber busted open his head with an airborne lamp

​He was studying to become a nurse. But their rocky relationship wouldn’t make that easy.

Last month, Joshua filed for a restraining order against his wife. The lovely Amber had thrown a lamp at him, hitting him in the head. It would take 10 staples and 11 stitches to close the wound, and a judge granted him an emergency protective order.

But it seems the young couple had quickly made up — at least for the time being. Neither showed up in court two weeks later for a formal hearing, and the order was dropped. It would end up being a poor move on Joshua’s part.

On Tuesday afternoon, the couple was arguing again in their high-rise apartment in Tulsa. And this time it involved more than airborne lamps.

At some point during the festivities, Amber managed to push her husband out the window. Joshua plunged to his death, falling 17 floors before landing on a parking garage.

Police initially charged her with second-degree murder, but have since upgraded the charges to first-degree. That would imply that Amber was plotting his death all along. Police aren’t revealing why they believe the killing was premeditated.

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