Chasity Doll & Tiffany Lyon Raise Money to Pay for (Fake) Baby Funeral



​You’re waiting at a stoplight in Modesto, California when two women approach seeking donations for the funeral of a baby who died of a heart condition. Of course you’re going to throw some money in the kitty. Which is what Chasity Doll
and Tiffany Lyon were counting on…

The women used a photo of a baby from the internet and pretended the child died from a heart condition

​The two women, who were vacationing in Modesto, claimed that Lyon’s baby had died in a hospital while they were visiting. So they enlarged a photo of the child and put it on a sign, then stood at a busy intersection collecting money for the funeral Saturday.

Tiffany Lyon’s baby supposedly passed away, but she couldn’t tell a cop what hospital the baby died in

​That’s when a cop stopped by and noticed they were running in and out of traffic. He asked them to stay on the sidewalk. But as he was leaving, they began jumping back in traffic again. So her returned to ask more questions.

But the two women seemed a little iffy when he asked what hospital the child died at and what condition caused the baby to perish.

Our alert officer called the county coroner’s office. Sure enough, no child matching that description had died in Modesto.

The women later confessed to merely using a photo of a baby they pulled from the internet. They’d also pulled the same scam at another intersection the day before. In just a few hours, they’d already scored $700 in donations from generous motorists.

They’ve been charged with suspicion of conspiracy to defraud the public, taking money under false pretense, lying to police about their identities, and being the kind of assholes who use dead babies to scam people.

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