Christopher Fitzpatrick Kills Baby With Cinderblock Because He Can’t Afford Another Kid



​Christopher Fitzpatrick is a hard-working landscaper from Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, a job that apparently left him far to busy to notice such breakthrough concepts as “birth control” and “adoption.” He and his girlfriend, Jennifer Barrise, had a son just last year…

Jennifer Barrise kept asking her boyfriend if he planned to kill the baby, but he wouldn’t respond

​And since Barrise had already brought four other boys to their union — all under the age of nine — the prospect of a sixth child was beginning to stress him out, seeing as how Jennifer was pregnant again.

The couple was out shopping for groceries over the Memorial Day weekend with Fitzpatrick’s 11-year-old sister when Jennifer went into labor. Instead of playing the loving father-to-be, Fitzpatrick reportedly told her, “Have this fucking baby. I just want to get rid of it. I gotta do what I gotta do.”

Jennifer asked him if he wanted to kill the child, but Fitzpatrick didn’t respond.

When they tried to leave the store, their car wouldn’t start. As they waited for a ride, Fitzpatrick once again told her to “hurry up and have this baby. I want to get rid of it.”

She again asked him if he planned to kill the child. He again refused to respond.

Jennifer would have her baby outside a hospital. After the birth, Fitzpatrick drove Jennifer and her sister to their home, then took the baby to M n D Lawn Care, where he worked.

Police say that’s where he twice picked up a cinderblock and dropped it on the baby girl’s head, crushing her skull. Then he buried her under the cinderblock and went home.

Barrise’s parents learned their daughter had a baby the next day. Fitzpatrick told them he’d taken the girl to the hospital — he just couldn’t remember which one. This, of course, left them naturally suspicious, so they called every hospital within a two-hour drive.

In the meantime, Fitzpatrick confessed to his uncle that he’d buried the child in the woods.

We’re not sure who, but someone apparently told the cops. When they confronted Fitzpatrick, he confessed and showed police where he’d buried the girl. He admitted he murdered her because he couldn’t afford to care for another child.

Since Jennifer was aware that her boyfriend might harm the kid, both have been charged with criminal homicide and concealing the death of a child.
Fitzpatrick is also charged with abuse of a corpse. (Special thanks to NY Mommy for the tip.)

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