David Burgert, Militia Survivalist, Escapes into Woods After Police Shootout



​In 2002, David Bugert was part of a right-wing militia group called Project 7. For the usual nutbag reasons, he and his pals were preparing for a revolution. They’d stockpiled homemade bombs and guns and plotted to overthrow the government in Flathead County, Montana…

in 2002, David Bugert and his fellow militiamen planned to kidnap and assassinate Montana officials and take over the government

​Their plan was to kidnap and assassinate local officials, go to war with the National Guard and somehow overthrow the government, at which they would carry out their own gooberific notion of good civic policy.

But like most wayward insurrectionists, they were busted before they saw their day of glory. Burgert and his pals were arrested in a police standoff that year. Burgert was caught manning a mounted machine gun in the woods.

Police would later discover the group had assembled a massive cache of machine guns, ammunition and explosives.

He would spend the next seven years in prison, getting out in 2010 after turning rat on a fellow revolutionary in court.

Police hadn’t heard much from our hero since then. But last week he was stopped for a driving violation in Missoula County. At that time, he told a deputy “he wasn’t going to be
taken down like last time” and that “it would take a SWAT team” to
bring him in.”

He would make good on that threat just a few days later. Deputies again tried to pull him over Sunday on a rural logging road. This time Burgert led them on a low-speed chase, in which he fired three shots at the cops. Then he jumped out of his truck and escaped into the woods.

Detectives believe he was planning the confrontation. The engine compartment of his abandoned Jeep was packed with ammunition, and he left behind two stolen rifles and a handgun.

Police are now searching the woods near the scene, but they’re concerned that Burgert has left the area. They believe he may have stashed another getaway Jeep in the woods, and that he also stored food and ammunition in the forest before the shootout.

Perhaps the bigger problem — as you may have guessed — is that Burgert is a nut. While in the joint, he received various diagnoses that he was paranoid, depressed, psychotic and has an anti-social personality disorder.

And he apparently hates the police after being arrested in 2001, when the cops peppered-sprayed him for being unruly.

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