Alexis Shields & Desiree Linares Smother Foster Mom Evelyn Miranda With Pillow



​For years 53-year-old Evelyn Miranda of San Patricio, New Mexico had fostered a boatload of troubled teens through Mesilla Valley Hospital’s Treatment Foster Care program. Recently, she had taken on a pair of new foster charges: Alexis Shields and Desiree Linares, both 15…

One of the teenagers had been staying with Miranda for two weeks, the other a mere three days. That’s when a neighbor heard strange noises coming from her home around 4 a.m. As the man proceeded to check on his livestock in the early morning light, he noticed the lights were on at Miranda’s home and that her van was missing.
The neighbor was soon rapping on the front door of Mirnada’s house. When he got no answer, he went inside to find Miranda’s dead body lying on bed.
Arrest documents would later state the two foster girls had first tied Miranda’s hands and feet then smothered her to death with a pillow.    
Not long after Miranda’s body was found, an alert went out for Shields and Linares, who were likely driving Miranda’s van.
It was soon learned that one of the suspects had recently been in court on a battery charge.
Acting on a tip, authorities located the two suspects about 12 hours later at a home in Carlsbad, about 120 miles away.
Last Friday, both Shields and Linares pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping, auto theft and conspiracy.
Details of the killing remain scant. A motive has yet to be established.
Meanwhile, friends of Miranda’s remain frozen in shock.
“She was just fun-loving,” said Miranda’s lifelong friend, Sandra Romero to he Albuquerque Journal. “She always had a smile, always cared for anybody and everybody.”

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