Joseph Franer Attacks Neighbor With a Bulldozer Over Stolen Scrap Metal



​Joseph Franer is a unique dude. Half tracking hound, half “Deliverance” character, the 52-year-old smelled a rat. Hundreds of dollars in scrap metal was missing from the storage shed behind his ma’s house in Big Beaver, Pennsylvania. That wasn’t right, Franer reckoned…

So he decided to do a little investigating. The Wampum man followed a trail of scraps that appeared to be the thief’s escape route. It led Franer from his mom’s place, into the woods and onto the grounds of the Fairlane Blvd. residence of 59-year-old Leslie Dallas.
Around half past seven from his perch in the woods, Franer — so caucasian he’s a shade of light blue — spotted Dallas attempting to saw apart some of the $800 in thieved scrap metal.
Franer confronted his would-be plunderer about his wares by hurling a hammer at Franer — who happens to be black — and dropping a blitzkrieg of N-bombs. When the hammer apparently missed its target, Franer reportedly continued with his racial slur onslaught, got a hold of the saw and tossed it at Dallas, hitting him in the foot.
Franer next retrieved a piece of pipe and broke the windshield and front passenger window of Dallas’ van.
Franer then made off though the woods and back to his mother’s place, where he telephoned state police, telling them he was about to shoot somebody.
But in lieu of gun, Franer raised his level of weaponry to an armored construction assault vehicle. 
He fired up his bulldozer, drove it back through the woods to Dallas’ place, then used its bucket to lift his victim’s Ford Focus 20 feet into the air before dropping it to the ground. 
Franer put the exclamation on his front-end loader attack when he again used the bucket, this time to compress the roof of the compact car.   
Said Tandra Dallas, Leslie’s wife, to Pittsburgh TV station, KDKA: “It was like being on ‘Nightmare on Elm Street.'”  
Before anymore mechanical fun could be had, authorities were on the scene.
Franer was taken into custody for questioning. Both men await a preliminary hearing on multiple charges.
Dallas has been slapped with theft while Franer has been charged with ethnic intimidation, simple assault, criminal mischief, harassment, disorderly conduct, trespass by motor vehicle and damage to property by motor vehicle.

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