Katie Socci Missing in New York: Mom Disappears While Baby Left Home Alone



UPDATE: An autopsy has revealed that Katie Socci was suffocated and strangled to death, then buried in a shallow grave. The prime suspect is her former boyfriend David McNamara, who’s been arrested for violating his probation. See update after the jump…

On the night Katie went missing, police found her baby daughter alone in the house

​29-year-old Katie Socci wasn’t the kind to leave her dog out in the yard
all night. But in the early hours this morning, the dog was outside
barking, yet the lights were off in Katie’s home and her car was in the
driveway. So a neighbor called to ask police for a welfare check.

Police arrived at her home in Auburn, New York and entered through an unlocked door. The only person home was Katie’s infant child, sleeping upstairs. There were no signs of a struggle, and Katie had left her keys and cell phone behind.

She was last seen at around 8 p.m. Tuesday night wearing dark blue nursing scrubs. She’s described as 5-foot-4 and weighing 140 pounds. Police, naturally, are describing her disappearance as suspicious. (Special thanks to reader NY Mommy for the tip.)

UPDATE: Police believe they’ve found Katie’s body.

It took them only 12 hours from when she was reported missing to find the body of a woman hastily buried in a field near a walking trail. A member of a search party discovered disturbed dirt only a mile from Katie’s home. A search dog soon found the scent of a body.

While police won’t confirm it’s Katie until after an autopsy, that seems to be just a formality. Police also believe they have a very good suspect.

Before she disappeared, Katie told a neighbor that she was scared of her former boyfriend and was about to get a restraining order. That apparently prompted the neighbor to call police when Katie’s two dogs were barking outside the house at midnight. Katie wasn’t answering her phone.

Police arrived to find Katie’s 18-month-old baby alone in the house.

So far, police haven’t named the boyfriend or said whether he’s the father of the baby. But property records show she bought the home with a man named David F. McNamara two years ago. The house is up for sale.

Katie disappeared sometime after suppertime Tuesday night, when she was last seen picking up her baby from the babysitter. She worked as a surgical nurse at a hospital.

Just days before her murder, Katie told her neighbor that she was about to take a restraining order out against David McNamara, her former boyfriend

UPDATE: Autopsy reveals that Katie was suffocated and strangled to death.

And the prime suspect is her former boyfriend, 34-year-old David McNamara. We was arrested Wednesday night for violating his probation by entering a bar. McNamara, also a nurse, has a string of moron crimes in his past.

In 2006, he was arrested in Batavia, New York for reckless endangerment for shooting a gun in the city. In 2007, he was pinched for fraud after withdrawing drugs for his own use.

He has yet to be charged with any crimes related to Katie’s murder. But you can bet detectives are taking a very close look at him.

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