Luke Scott Tortured Girlfriend, Kept Her in Dog Kennel for Refusing to Have Sex



​Judging by his photo, you can probably understand why 21-year-old Caitlin Hodges decided she no longer wanted to have sex with her boyfriend, Luke Brandon Scott. Judging by the same photo, you may also understand why Scott likely panicked…

A guy like this surely had to worry that he’d never find another woman dumb enough to have sex with him again.

They’d both been drinking at his St. Paul home the night Caitlin informed him of her decision. So he responded by refusing to let her leave.

Over the next several hours, he slapped, punched, bit and threw her to the floor. He made her mop up beer that spilled on the floor with her hair. He choked her, knocked out her teeth with a wine bottle, hit her with a riding crop, and threatened to shoot her in the face with a pellet gun.

He even took his anger out on his own dog, chucking him against the refrigerator. Then he threatened to hang Caitlin slowly in the basement.

When he ran out of inventive ways to win back her love, he locked her in a dog kennel, telling her “that’s where the bitches go.”

She eventually escaped, making her way to a convenience store to call police.

That’s when Scott busted out the Concerned Boyfriend Defense. He claims he decided to torture his girlfriend to keep her from drunk driving.

Douchebag lawyer Leif Carlson, who apparently will say anything for money, tried to dismiss the evening as “two intoxicated people acting like children.”

But a judge thought this sounded like slightly more than child’s play, which rarely involves threatening to hanging someone in the basement, unless you’re playing really serious game of Loser Gets Death Dodgeball.

Scott has been sentenced to 17 years in prison. (Special thanks to reader Sangelia for the tip.)

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