Michelle McCutchan, Elementary Teacher, Filmed Having Sex With Daughter’s Boyfriend



​By day, Michelle McCuthchan was a mild-mannered school teacher at Marshall Elementary in Checotah, Oklahoma. But by night, she became an explosion of cougarology, bedding her students and even having sex with her daughter’s 16-year-old boyfriend…

Though details are sketchy, it appears her sexual rampage began six months ago, when she decided to get barenaked with her daughter’s boyfriend. But that apparently wasn’t enough for our libidinally rapacious educator.

She also began sending the boy piles of naked photos of herself. And just to add to the excitement, she twice filmed them having sex.

The boy, quite naturally, couldn’t keep this a secret. So he started telling anyone who would listen. And that talking eventually found its way to the cops.

But once detectives starting investigating McCutchan, they quickly surmised that she wasn’t a one-boy pedophile. She’s also accused of having sex with two other kids. In one instance, she’s accused of allowing a 15-year-old girl to watch her have sex with a minor boy. Then the girl had sex with the kid while McCutchan watched.

Obviously none of this has been good for her teaching career. She’s now suspended with pay, but we doubt that paycheck thing will last for long. She’s been hit with nine felony charges, including rape, sodomy, child neglect and possession of child porn.

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