Reema Bajaj, the Babe Lawyer Who Moonlighted as a Prostitute



​Reema Bajaj was set to conquer the world. At the age of 25, she’d already graduated from law school at Northern Illinois University, considered one of America’s finer directional colleges. She’d opened up a solo practice in Sycamore, Illinois. But she also had a secret…

Reema Bajaj allegedly offered to perform sex acts on a man for just $50, which may lead to her disbarment for charging reasonable rates

​Whether she was struggling to pay for her law school bills, or she simply enjoyed sex with strangers for minimal remuneration, it seems Reema was also doing a little independent hooking on the side. Or so police claim.

Police in DeKalb County say they were investigating another case when they found evidence — believed to be emails — linking her to prostitution in August of last year. And since the carnal transaction occurred less than 1,000 feet from a school, that upgraded her prostitution pinch to a felony.

Alas Reema was also charged with offering to perform sex acts for a man last month for $50, proving she wasn’t a very good lawyer, since every barrister knows that charging reasonable fees can get you disbarred.

Reema has pleaded not guilty and issued a statement on her website before it was taken down: “I am probably one of the few
attorneys who knows what it feels like to be accused and in need of
help. This action will only make me stronger and better able to
understand what my clients are going through.”

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