Roxanne Jeskey Viciously Murders Husband for Talking to Ex-Girlfriend on Phone



​Richard Jeskey’s wife caught him having a phone conversation with his former girlfriend. We’re not sure if he was doing anything untoward, but seeing as how his wife Roxanne was more suited as the Bride of Stalin, we wouldn’t blame him if he was…

The pair argued at their Bangor, Maine home until the wee hours of the morning. By 8:30 a.m., Roxanne was on the horn to police. And when the cops arrived, they found that the little missus has made sure that Richard would never converse with his ex-girlfriend again.

He was found bloody and brutally beaten in the bathtub. His entire body showed signs of massive trauma.

Wrote Detective David
Bushey in an affidavit: “These included nose fractures, loss of an eye, rib fractures, rectal
incised wounds, and internal hemmorhage from an instrument(s) pushed
through his scrotum into his abdomen. Further, Mr. Jeskey was strangled with
sufficient force to break the hyoid bone of his neck.”

Roxanne admitted she’d slashed him with a box cutter and beat him with a baseball bat. She’d also taken a pliers to his balls. Then she lay down for a nap before finally being sufficiently rested to deal with police and medics.

She said her husband had tried repeatedly to get himself out of the bathtub, only to fall and smack his head multiple times. By the time police arrived, he was already dead.

Roxanne has been charged with murder.

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