Ryan & Carrie Waldo Allowed Ferret to Chew Off Their Baby’s Fingers



​It was 2:30 a.m. when the 911 call came in on January 10 in Grain Valley, Missouri. Ryan and Carrie Waldo said they’d been asleep when they awoke to the crying of their 4-month-old baby. Their pet ferret, they told dispatchers, had chewed off 7 of the baby’s fingers…

Ryan Waldo claims he was sleeping at the time of the attack, but cell phone records suggest he and his wife had left the baby home alone that night

​Police and medics arrived to find a bloody mess. The child supposedly had been sleeping in an infant rocker when the ferret attacked. The baby was left with only two thumbs and part of a pinky finger.

Carrie Waldo claimed she’d fallen asleep while watching TV in the same room. She said her husband Ryan had been sleeping upstairs.

But detectives say Carrie was also behaving strangely that night. The couple had moved furniture before the police arrived and cleaned up some of the mess. Carrie at one point also told them, “Something happened, this is neglect, and you should
just arrest me.”

And that led detectives to investigate further to see if this was more than an accident.

From their cell phone records, police deduced that neither parent was home at the time of the incident, since they’d been texting each other from different locations. Their cell phones only seemed to be at home around the time they called 911. It appeared that they’d left the baby home alone.

It also seems the ferret had bitten the child twice before. At one point, they had talked about giving it away because it was a danger to the baby.

They were both charged with felony child endangerment and ordered to have no contact with their kids.

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