Sherry Allender & Charles Jones Duct Tape Baby to Amuse Themselves



​Sherry Allender and her fiance, Charles Jones Jr., were drunk and bored at their apartment in Kettering, Ohio. Naturally, they thought it would be really funny to torture Sherry’s 3-year-old daughter by binding her in duct tape from head to toe, including her mouth…

For some weird reason, the little girl didn’t find this amusing at all. In fact, she was screaming and crying, which is usually what happens when someone’s bound against their will.

But our dueling morons thought it was the height of comedy. In fact, Sherry recorded the episode on her cell phone so the round of hilarity could be enjoyed by future generations. On the video, the morons are seen poking fun at the girl and laughing at her anguish.

Because there’s really nothing funnier than a frightened 3-year-old. Can’t we all agree on that?

Unfortunately, Sherry comes from a gene pool so shallow it’s actually uphill. She later sold her cell phone to the biological father of the baby, who thankfully isn’t Jones, meaning the girl has a 50-50 chance of not growing up to be the poster child on the dangers of inbreeding. And she forgot to erase the offending video before she sold it.

Alas, when the father found it, he didn’t think the clip was all that funny. But just to make sure, he called the cops to get a second opinion.

It seems the police in Kettering don’t have a sense of humor either. In fact, they said to themselves, “Hmmm, it looks like we got a couple of huge assholes on our hands here, boys. Whattaya say we light their asses up? Now that would be funny.”

Which is exactly what they did. The mopes were both charged with abduction and child endangerment.

As we may note from Sherry’s Facebook page, she’s not happy about being vilified as the really shitty mother that she is. Writes our delicate little flower: “Going
out of my mind be back when i get back fuck all haters doin what the
hell i got to do and dont like haters all haters stay off my

Ah, so literary, yet so authentically street! A tour de force of the English language!

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