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Stephanie Greene Charged With Murdering Her Baby With Morphine Breast Milk

By Pete Kotz in Bad Moms, drugs
Monday, June 27, 2011 at 2:03 pm
Back in November, the Spartanburg County, South Carolina sheriff's department received a 911 call about a dead baby. They arrived to find that Stephanie Irene Greene's infant, who was just a month and half old, had passed away. It was a mystery at first...

But toxicology tests would later reveal that the child died of a lethal overdose of morphine. And that got detectives investigating.

It turns out that Stephanie was dope addict -- and that she was much too stupid to know that all that dope she was doing was being passed along to the child through her boob.

From 2009 until a month after the child died, she'd been using fake prescriptions to score painkillers through pharmacies. It took detectives all this time to put together a case, but they've now charges her homicide by child neglect and 38 counts of violating drug distribution laws.

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