Susan Pollock Gets Naked in Park to Beat the Blistering Arizona Heat



​In today’s third and final installment of our Naked Hammered Guys Trilogy, we take you now to Mesa, Arizona. If you’re looking for a preview of Hell, look no further than Arizona in the summer. It’s not a place for virtuous women and children — or drunk ladies, as you’ll soon discover…

But 44-year-old Susan Pollock never got the memo.

She was pounding some delicious vodka one afternoon when she apparently thought it would be a really good idea to pass out on a bench in Pioneer Park. But seeing as how the temps in Mesa routinely break 100 this time of year, park posed a rather uncomfortable sleep setting, even at 5:30 p.m.

So Susan wisely decided to get barenaked to cool off.

It wasn’t long before a dad and his three children wandered by to see a naked woman sleeping on a bench. Had Susan been a coed from Arizona State University, he might have instructed his children with some fatherly advice along the lines of, “Check it out, kids. This is what you have to look forward to when you go to college!”

Then again, 44-year-old woman have a way of bolting past hotness into the Ewww, That’s Gross Zone when getting naked in public if they’re not particularly dedicated students at their pilates class.

Police arrived to find our nude heroine passed out with an empty bottle of vodka nearby. She politely explained that she merely disrobed to cool off.

She was busted for indecent exposure, which join assault, criminal damage,
criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct in her pleasantly enlarging rap sheet.

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