Toyrianna Smith Kills Baby for Waking Her Up — Then Takes Him Shopping



Smith, along with her 3-year-old daughter and and 3-month-old son, spent the night partying at a friend’s house in Harvey, Illinois. Instead of heading home, the trio decided to sleep in a spare bedroom that night. But the baby boy was fitful during the wee hours…

Toyrianna Smith enjoys swimming, long nights of restful sleep, and murdering small children

​He began to cry. Smith, apparently hammered and pissed that her sleep was being disturbed, decided to quell his outburst by putting a blanket over his head, then punching him multiple times in the face until he was quiet. (See her Facebook page here.)

The baby would cry again later that night. So Smith took on a more forceful approach to parenting. She again put a blanket over his head and punched him repeatedly in the face. Then she pushed down on his head, apparently suffocated him.

His legs and arms began to jerk until he was still.

Smith went back to sleep to get her beauty rest.

The next morning, she got the baby dressed and took him shopping for several hours. Then she stopped by a neighbor’s house to visit. But the neighbor noticed the boy wasn’t moving. Smith tried to claim he was sleeping, yet there was blood on the child’s blanket.

Blood, the neighbor deduced, isn’t a natural byproduct of slumber. So she called 911.

An ambulance rushed the boy to a hospital, where doctors discovered he’d been dead for approximately eight hours. Police say Smith confessed and provided details of the slaying.

She’s now charged with first-degree murder and is stuck in the slam on a $1 million bond.

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