Trevor Harwell Used Spyware to See Women Naked Through Webcams



​By all accounts, 20-year-old Trevor Harwell had a promising future. He was going to school at Biola University while working as a technician at his father’s company, Rezitech, which does repairs on Apple products. But his secret life involved being a very inventive perv…

When people brought their computers into dad’s company, or when he did work for friends and acquaintances, he installed a spyware program called Camcapture that would allow him remote access to those computers. This let him remotely activate their webcams at their homes and dorm rooms.

Harwell wasn’t simply into the art of voyeur video. He installed the program into dozens of computers, capturing hundreds of thousands of photos of his customers in various stages of undress.

His racket was so ingenious he even got women to take their laptops into the bathroom with them. He did so by installing a pop up box that told them their camera lens was dirty. Naturally, the box told customers, it could be cleaned by taking the laptop into a hot, steamy environment — such as a bathroom during shower time.

Alas, our wily little perv was exposed when one of the victims took her computer into another repair shop. A tech found software running in the background and urged the woman to call police.

It took the cops a year to nab him, but he’s now charged with 12 felonies, including fraud and illegal computer access.

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