Trey Zwicker Slaying: Joshua Young, 15-Year-Old Stepbrother, Arrested for Murder



​Last month, we told you the story of 14-year-old Wayne “Trey” Zwicker III. The honor student’s body was found behind Liberty High School in Louisville after he disappeared shortly after Mother’s Day. He’d apparently been beaten and stabbed to death…

Police initially struggled to solve the case. But that changed June 16, when they issued an Amber Alert for his stepbrother, 15-year-old Joshua Young.

Young is the son of Joshua Gouker,
who apparently was married to Trey’s mother, Amanda Campbell. Not long after Trey’s murder, his mom filed domestic violence charges against Gouker. Then Gouker disappeared, taking Joshua Young with him.

Police in Homewood, Alabama would eventually arrest them on weapons charges. But Gauker was also charged with kidnapping after a woman said she’d been kidnapped by him in Madison, Alabama, then forced to drive father and son to Birmingham.

Joshua Young was brought back to Kentucky, where he was placed in foster care. He was arrested at the Home of the Innocents last week, charged with Trey’s murder.

Police aren’t saying what the motive is, nor are they providing any details of the case. But reading between the lines, it appears they believe Young beat and stabbed Trey to death. The charges say Trey died from both blunt force trauma and sharp force trauma.

Young is charged with murder and tampering with evidence.

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