A Reader’s Personal Moment with a Psychopathic Ex-Boyfriend & a Hammer



​Reader Saint Dismas offers a personal tale from this past weekend. It seems he’s been dating a woman who’s still dealing with a moronic stalker from a past relationship. In the early morning hours of Sunday, that creepy faux tough guy decided to pay a visit…

“I had an eventful Sunday, Pete. This girl I’ve been with for a few months
has a rather psychopathic ex boyfriend whos been harrassing her on the
phone. (your typical resentment motivated stalker material.)

he decided to come kicking our door in at 7:30 in the morning and
accosted my girlfriend; so I (without my morning coffee.)grabbed a
girlish looking mini-hammer (12.oz. in weight) and clobbered him in the
skull a bit with it; he left, my girl called the Cities finest, (which
in this instance wasnt a cliche’ because the officers were efficient,
and understanding.) and he got charged with aggravated (sp?) burglary
for his drunken troubles.

bothers me, is how after he did all that ( kicking someones door in at
7:30 in the morning to grab a Lady and cause bodily harm.) He managed to
post bail less than three hours later. The police called her to notify
her of it, and now there could be a pissed off psychopath who wants to
kill my girlfriend.

“Hope your weekend was as exciting, but less Jerry Springer. I can now anticipate
a few hours in court with a defense attorney somehow trying to make it
seem like my fault. The goofy bastard tried to deny coming there too
regardless of being caught dead to rights!”