Dad Makes Daughter Have Sex With Him So She Can Still See Her Boyfriend



​Everyone knows Canada has a way better country than ours, if only because it provides universal medicine to its people, instead of allowing its residents to be routinely sodomized by Big Insurance and Big Pharma. But there are some things Canada sucks at…

One would be justice. Take the 36-year-old dad from Saskatoon.

His 15-year-old daughter was dating a boy he didn’t approve of. He asked his daughter to stop seeing him. She refused. So dad conjured up a inventive deal.

He told the girl if she had sex with him, she could go on seeing the lad. Dad and daughter had intercourse on one occasion. On another, he’s accused of touching her boobs and vagina.

Police charged him with sexual assault, sexual interference and
incest. But he pleaded to sexual assault to get the other two charges dropped.

The Canadian press has been banned from naming the dad, we presume to hide the identity of the victim. But clearly the guy’s a huge degenerate.

Instead of lighting his ass up, however, a Canadian court has sentenced him to just under two years in the slam. The light sentence allows him to serve his time in a provincial jail close to home instead of a federal pen.

It’s especially tragic because the girl’s family appears to be ostracizing her. The girl says her family is mad at her for ratting her father out. And her mom has chosen to stick with her dad despite the fact that he’s a shitbag, so her girl has been forced to move in with her grandma.

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