Katrina Owens, Prison Guard, Killed By Inmate She Was Seeing in Affair



​In 2007, a then-17-year-old Allen Barron was sentenced to a juvenile facility in Jamesburg, New Jersey for receiving stolen property. That’s where police believe he met Katrina Owens, a 37-year-old prison guard and married mother of three children…

Allen Barron turned his gun on himself as U.S. Marshals closed in at a Virginia Greyhoudn depot

​We’re not sure what Owens saw in the dull-eyed kid. She was already married to Marquis Owens, a sergeant at Northern State Prison in
Newark. But at some point after meeting, the two struck up an affair.

Police aren’t saying when that happened, but it had apparently reached open dating by last weekend, when Owens and Barron attended a 4th of July barbecue together in Newark.

Shortly after midnight, they got into an argument. That’s when Barron decided to end it by pulling out a gun and shooting Owens. She was later pronounced dead at the scene, according to The Star-Ledger.

Barron jumped in Owens’ truck and fled, driving more than 300 miles to Richmond, Virginia, where he abandoned the vehicle and made his way to a Greyhound depot. But the U.S. Marshal’s Service was already hot on his trail.

Just before 11 a.m. yesterday morning, they approached him outside the depot. Barron pulled out a gun and pointed it at a marshal when he saw the plain-clothes cops approaching. But he must have decided it wasn’t a wise idea to shoot it out with police.

He suddenly turned the weapon toward himself and pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the head. He too was declared dead at the scene. (Special thanks to reader Gail for the tip.)

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