Nurses Debra Harms & Kristina Knutson Charged With Rape for Sexing Up Inmate


Craig Kruger_opt.jpg

​He may not look like much. And seeing as how he’s doing life in an Oklahoma prison for first-degree murder, it’s no like he’s an undisputed keeper. But Craig Kruger apparently has untold romantic powers lingering deep beneath his shiny veneer as a loser…

In 2009 and 2010, he was being housed at the Joseph Harp
Correctional Center, where he was getting treatment for an undisclosed medical problem. That’s where he met nurses Debra Harms, 48, and Kristina Knutson, 30.

Kruger used his amorous powers to put them under his sway. Police say both nurses had sex with Kruger multiple times in the prison’s clinic.

They might have gotten away with it, except that both women seem to be blithering morons. Kruger was later transferred to another prison. So the nurses began sending him letters in which they discussed their relationships.

Alas, they were too stupid to remember that guards routinely read inmates’ mail for indications of further illegality. When the women were questioned, both confessed to having numerous bouts of intimacy with the Power of Kruger.

Unfortunately for them, this isn’t just a simple case of two idiots being seduced by an inmate. Because they were in a position of power over Kruger, such things are considered rape in Oklahoma. Both women have been charged with second-degree rape.

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