Sean McDonnell Faces ‘Buggery’ Charges After Woman Dies During Sex With Dog



​Sean McDonnell is a 57-year-old man from County Limerick, Ireland who gets off on sex with dogs. He was trolling a bestiality chat room where he befriended a 43-year-old mother of four who was also into sex with animals. So the two decided to meet to share their fabulous hobby…

The details of the incident are somewhat sketchy, so we’ll have to read between the lines here. But it seems the unnamed woman decided to give the dog a blow job. Unfortunately, she’s among the very few people in the world allergic to dog semen.

Shortly after the hot canine action, the woman began having trouble breathing. She was rushed to the hospital, but didn’t survive. Doctors ruled that she died from a violent allergic reaction to the
Alsatian’s sperm.

Now McDonnell is not only known as the biggest freak in County Limerick, but he’s also facing the rare charge of “buggery.” And they don’t take such charges lightly on the heavily Catholic island, where sex is meant only for married couples using the missionary position solely for the purpose of procreation.

He’s looking at life in the slam if convicted.

The dog, meanwhile, is said to be sexual conflicted and entertaining thoughts of permanent celibacy. 

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