Tamara Mason Killed By Her 3 Sons Because She Wanted to Play Yahtzee, They Didn’t



​It was Christmas day, and Tamara Mason was hoping to have some nice family time with her three sons at their home in Alberta, Minnesota. She wanted them to play a game of Yahtzee. But the teens were either morally opposed to board games, or they’re ingrates…

Playing a board game on Christmas day was too much to ask of Jacob Cobb, so he strangled his mother

​We’re going with the latter, since it seems Jacob, Andrew and Dylan Cobb were just too good to give their mother a little time and attention on Christmas.

In fact, 17-year-old Jacob Cobb was so opposed to Yahtzee that he decided to put a plastic bag over Tamara’s head, then choke her to death with a belt. His brothers simply watched, doing nothing to stop him.

Afterward, they debated on how to get rid of her body. Since it was winter in Minnesota, the ground was too cold to dig a grave. So they dumped her in a trash can and put her body in a storage shed until the soil thawed.

Tamara was reported missing two days later. But it seems police in Alberta aren’t exactly a crack law enforcement squad. Her body remained in the storage shed for four months. Around Easter, it finally became warm enough for the brothers to bury her in the back yard.

They likely would have gotten away with it, except the Cobb boys are not only huge shitbags; they’re also morons.

Andrew Cobb did nothing as his younger brother strangled his mom, then helped bury the body

​The oldest brother, Dylan, decided to ask a friend for advice on how to dispose of a dead body. The friend was presumably much smarter than the Cobb boys. He put two-and-two together, seeing as how the query came from a guy whose mother just happened to be missing.

Last week, police finally discovered Tamara’s backyard grave.

Jacob has been charged with murder, and is expected to be tried as an adult. 18-year-old Andrew Cobb has been charged as an accessory, since he helped dispose of the body.

Dylan, meanwhile, has also been charged, since he watched his younger brother kill his mom, then joined the discussion on how to get rid of her.

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