Tiffany Allen, McDonald’s Manager, Punches Woman for Bringing Service Dog Into Store



​Jennifer Schwenker, her service dog and her autistic twin sons made the mistake of walking into a Marietta, Georgia McDonald’s for lunch. As you may know, the alleged fast food eatery doesn’t pay very well, which means it doesn’t hire the greatest intellects to manage its stores…

In this particularly instance, our dimwitted villain is manager Tiffany Denise Allen, who was off-duty at the time.

It seems Allen has never heard of the concept of service dogs. But she certainly wasn’t happy that Jennifer had taken the animal into the restaurant, so she told her the dog had to leave.

Jennifer politely informed her that it was against federal law to ban service dogs from a store, and she helpfully offered to show Allen her papers.

The problem is that Allen is an idiot. She didn’t care about papers nor federal law. She just kept following Jennifer around the restaurant, telling her to leave.

As Jennifer tried to leave, she accidentally dropped her drink, which splashed Allen. So Allen retaliated by punching Jennifer in the face in the parking lot. The mother and sons were saved from further attack when Allen’s colleagues managed to restrain the portly assailant.

Allen has been charged with battery, assault, disorderly conduct and being too stupid to legally manage anything, even a McDonald’s. She’s also been fired.

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