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Tom Findlay Was Part of the Problem When Susan Smith Killed Her Kids

By Pete Kotz in Bad Moms, Mass Murder
Monday, July 18, 2011 at 5:09 am
Reader Moet responds to Susan Smith Kills Her Children to Win Back Small Town's Most Eligible Bachelor. She says Findlay was only using Smith for convenient sex. Had he been honest, she would have known she had no chance of becoming his wife...

"In this case, the guy was happily boning her, and then she was all "I'm in wuv!"  and he was all "Eh... but you're married and... no."

"So she was all "I can get divorced! I hate him anyway!"

"And he was all "Yeah but... you'd still have the kids.  So... I'll fuck you, but no."

"So her crazy ass was all "Okay, I'll murder my babies and blame it on a black guy and then we're good to go!"

"Bottom line:  He should have been honest.  There is NOTHING wrong with being a player if you're honest about it.  If he had just been a man and said "Look... I like that you lick my asshole on command and I can fuck you for free but I really hate you and your stupid glasses and hearing about your stupid life and even if you were single with no kids I still wouldn't marry your ass... but I'd still fuck it!"

"Then this might have happened, because she's a crazy cunt, but at least he could be content with the knowledge that he never lead her to believe he'd commit to her crazy, daddy-issue-having self if she murdered two innocent children.

"It's like he said "Eh... I'd commit, but you'd be sexier if you cut off both your tits and your nose..." and she went and did it.  Then his reaction would be "SHIT! I didn't think you WOULD I just SAID that because it was easier to tell you that than be honest and say I just wanted a free, convenient fuck!"

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