Tyler Hadley, 17, Beats Parents to Death With Hammer, Then Hosts Party



UPDATE: Tyler Hadley had told his best friend Michael Mandell that he planned to kill his parents before. But Mandell never believed he’d actually do it — until Tyler showed him his parents’ bodies covered under furniture in a bedroom. See update after the jump...

Mary Jo Hadley and her husband Blake were beaten to death, presumably because their 17-year-old son wanted to party

​At 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, 17-year-old high school drop-out Tyler
Hadley posted a notice on his Facebook page, letting all his friends
know that there would be a party at his house that night. But the
festivities would be a whole lot less fun if his parents were around.

So Tyler decided to take care of that small inconvenience. Later that afternoon, Hadley attacked his parents with a framing hammer, beating Blake and Mary Jo Hadley about the head and torso until they were dead. Then he dragged their bodies into a bedroom, used books, files and towels to cover their bodies, and locked the door.

Between 40 and 60 people showed up for the party that night. But being a 17-year-old ingrate, it seems Tyler couldn’t help but tell a few people that he’d whacked mom and dad. Rumors started circulating that he had murdered his parents.

Police showed up at the house at 1:30 in the morning after a noise complaint. But the party was already breaking up.

Yet a few hours later, they were back. In the wee hours of the next morning, Port St. Lucie Police, Florida police received an anonymous type about Blake and Mary Jo. They went to the Hadley home at 4:20 a.m. to conduct a welfare check.

Tyler told them his parents were out of town. But officers said he was behaving nervously. When the checked the home, they found the bodies of Blake and Mary-Jo in the bedroom. The hammer was laying next to them.

Police still don’t know why he killed his parents. It seems our young degenerate has clammed up. But they don’t plan to charge anyone else in the slayings.

Tyler has been charged with second-degree murder.

Why did a seemingly nice kid decide to hammer his folks to death?

UPDATE: No one can understand why Tyler would kill his parents.

We all know the cliche about how surprised the serial killer’s neighbors were when they discovered his string of murders. “He was always quiet and kept to himself,” they usually say.
But that cliche doesn’t fit Tyler Hadley.

Neighbors describe him as the exceedingly polite kid who was always outside playing basketball in the driveway with his dad.

Relatives say the family was the model of normal, and that there was never any sign of strife. Nor did Tyler have any history of outbursts or mental problems.

His grandpa says that they’d just taken a trip the week before to Georgia to visit an elderly relative, and everything was fine.

And Tyler was by no means a recluse cut off from other kids. He was able to attract as many as 60 people to his party on just a few hours notice. 

In fact, the only thing strange about his past is that he’d dropped out of school, which is rather surprising considering that his mom was an elementary school teacher with 20 years on the job.

But even prosecutors are a little weirded out by the boy. Though he hasn’t said why he killed his parents, he’s been exceedingly polite in jail. Police can’t seem to rectify the nice kid in the slam with the one who literally hammered his folks to death.

Tyler will be tried as an adult. But because he’s only 17, he’s only eligible for life in prison and not the death penalty. 

UPDATE II: Tyler told friend he was high on ecstasy when he killed his parents.

It looks like we wrote too soon. The New York Daily News is now reporting that Tyler confessed to his friend, 17-year-old Michael Mandell, that he was high on ecstasy when he killed his parents.

We don’t know if this is a legit excuse, since the only thing we know about ecstasy is that it makes you dance to shitty music. But maybe one of our wiser readers can help us out on this score.

Under Mandell’s version, Tyler had been fighting a lot with his parents and that the family was also facing financial problems. So Tyler beat them to death, and then announced that he was having a party on Facebook.

During the party, he confessed to Mandell about the murders. He told him to hang around till it was over, and he would show Mandell the bodies. Otherwise, Tyler was having fun during the bash and acted like nothing was wrong.

Afterward, he showed Mandells his parents’ battered bodies in the bedroom. We can only presume that it was Mandell who tipped off the cops.

Tyler had also told his friend he was going to commit suicide. It seems he never got around to it.

UPDATE III: Tyler had bragged before that he’d kill his parents.

But this time he actually did it. He told Mandell that he stood behind his mother for about five minutes while she was on the computer, debating whether to kill her. Finally he began beating her on the back of the head with a hammer.

His dad Blake heard the screams and came into the room. Though Blake is described as a gentle giant — 6-foot-4 and over 300 pounds — his son managed to overtake him, beating him to death as well. Then it took Tyler three hours to clean up before kids started showing up for his party.

Tyler told Mandell he planned to take 10 Percocets and kill himself after the party. But after Tyler showed him the bodies, Mandell tipped off the police.

When they showed up, Tyler at first wouldn’t let them in. But the police said he was glassy-eyed and nervous, and they entered anyway, believing someone may be in danger.

One thing we still don’t know is why Tyler killed his parents. Mother Mary Jo is said to be the kind of woman who inspired her kids to go on to be teachers. Father Blake is described as a happy, outgoing man who worked at a nuclear plant. They just don’t seem at all the kind of parents who would have brought this on.

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