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Victor Burgos, Fugitive Stalker, Taunts Police to Catch Him, So They Do

By Pete Kotz in Stalking, Stupid Criminals
Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 12:59 pm
You could say Victor Burgos is a blithering moron, but that's really being much too kind. He was wanted on a warrant in Utica, New York for domestic violence and harassing a former girlfriend, crimes usually reserved for geniuses and illicit masterminds. Or so we've heard...

So Burgos fled to Brooklyn. And since there isn't a whole lot of major crime happening in Utica, police put him on their 10 most wanted list.

This apparently tickled Burgos, who seems to fancy himself as a romantic desperado of cunning and wit. The aspiring rap promoter no doubt thought woman beating charges would add to his ever-so-dangerous street cred. So he went on his Facebook page to taunt the cops, telling them he was in Brooklyn and even posting of photo of himself walking into a police precinct.

Unfortunately, in a match of wits between Burgos and police, Burgos was bound to get his ever-loving ass kicked.

When U.S. Marshals and New York City detectives raided his apartment, they found the moron at his computer playing on his Facebook page.

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