Weldon Gilbert Gets to Watch His Homemade Child Porn in Jail



​In today’s installment of Great Moral Dilemmas of the Day, we take you to the Pierce County jail in Washington state, where 47-year-old Weldon Marc Gilbert is being allowed to watch child porn. In 2007, police raided the former pilot’s home in Lake Tapps…

That’s where they found Gilbert’s massive collection of child porn. Police say there were hundreds of homemade tapes and DVDs Gilbert shot that featured kids being raped and molested.

He’s already been convicted on federal charges, but he still faces states charges from Washington. And either because he’s broke and can’t afford a lawyer — or more likely because the evidence says he’s a lock to be lit up again — he’s decided to defend himself this time around.

So because he’s acting as his own lawyer, he gets full access to the evidence against him. Which means that as he prepares for trail, a private room as been set up in the jail where Gilbert can watch the full 30-hour archives of his own child porn collection.

On the surface, it would seem a wretched practice. It’s just an open door for any convicted pedophile to file endless appeals, then be guaranteed the right to porn through his prison stay. It’s not like he’s unfamiliar with the evidence against him.

As prosecutors note, inmates aren’t allowed to have their own cocaine if they’re busted for dope, nor do they get to watch the TV they stole after being pinched for burglary.

Then again, it’s never a good idea to impinge someone’s legal defense, no matter how big of a degenerate they truly are. But we’d like to know what you think, dearest reader.

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