Amanda Borsos, 17, Killed By Ex-Boyfriend Troy Penn in Teen Murder-Suicide



UPDATE: Amanda Borsos and Troy Penn had only been dating for a few months. They were considered a happy, popular, outgoing young couple. But when Amanda broke up with him a week ago, Penn’s creepy side began to emerge. See update after the jump

Troy Penn is said to have begun stalking Amanda after she broke up with him

​Amanda Borsos and her boyfriend, 18-year-old Troy Penn, had just broken
up a few days ago. Amanda seemed rather happy about the situation. Troy
clearly was not. It was Amanda’s birthday, but instead of calling off
work, she decided to go in anyway.

It was late afternoon, and she was working at Four Paws Pet Care in Deerfield Township, Ohio, taking care of some animals in the outdoor exercise area.

That’s when Penn approached her and shot her in the stomach with a rifle.

He then fled to nearby his nearby home. His dad called the police to tell them his son had just shot the girl. But it seems neither Penn’s dad or his brother could get the gun away fro him.

Police surrounded the house. The cops tried to talk Penn into surrendering, sending messages through other people at the home. But just as the SWAT team arrived, they heard a shot.

Penn had killed himself. Amanda died at the hospital.

Friends universally describe Amanda as the sweetest girl you’d ever want to meet

UPDATE: Few seemed to notice Penn’s creepy, controlling behavior — until he got a gun.

They weren’t the kind of young couple you’d expect violence from. Amanda and Penn were thought by friends as artistic, fun and caring.

Penn was a popular skateboarder about to attend his senior year of high school, the kind of kid who could make others laugh.

Amanda was thought of as the artistic type. She was interested in writing and art, and hoped to enroll in cosmetology school when she graduated. When asked to describe her, those who knew her seem to universally use the word “sweet.” (See Facebook memorial pages to Amanda here, here and here.)

But at least one friend, Heaven Harden, thought little of Troy. “I didn’t like how controlling he was,” Heaven told
“Everybody told her she shouldn’t be with him, but she wouldn’t listen.
She saw the good in everyone.”

And that view would eventually get Amanda killed.

After Amanda broke up with Penn, he began posted messages and photos of the couple on Facebook, saying he still loved her. Others say Penn had begun to stalk her.

Police believe Penn shot her at close range in the dog exercise area of her workplace. Then he called both his mother and father to tell them what he’d done, before running to his home than a mile away.

His mom and dad weren’t home, but his brother and sister were. Penn’s brother, a Marine, tried to wrestle the gun away from him, but he was unsuccessful.

Penn barricaded himself in a room and used a coat hanger to rig the shotgun to a curtain. If the curtain moved, the gun would fire. But before the cops could talk him into surrendering, he pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the chest.

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