Darla Napora, Pregnant Pit Bull Advocate, Mauled to Death By Her Pit Bull



Napora was a member of Bay Area
Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls, a group that does its best to convince people that pit bulls aren’t really that dangerous. When her husband Greg left their Pacifica, California home the other day, his pregnant wife was sleeping…

Despite mauling his pregnant wife to death, Greg Napora still plans to have the pit bull’s ashes buried with Darla

​In bed with her were the couple’s two pit bulls, Gunner and Tazi. But when he returned home, he was given cause to believe that their whole pit-bulls-aren’t-that-dangerous thing might be something of a misnomer.

He found his wife covered in blood with Gunner bloody and hovering over her. Greg called an ambulance and got Gunner into the back yard. But it was too late to save Darla. She died at the scene.

While medics worked to save her, Gunner escaped from the back yard. Police decided to shoot him multiple times after the dog approached them.

But Greg is still holding onto his pit bulls aren’t dangerous thing. He’s forgiven the dog, even though it killed his wife and his baby-to-be. He plans to bury Darla with Gunner’s ashes.

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