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Elena Rendell, 17, Shoots Her Sister to Death in Argument Over Cell Phone

By Pete Kotz in homicide
Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 7:00 am
To a teenage girl, cell phones are just as important as life itself. To 17-year-old Elena Rendell, they're way more important. She was at her home in Ferry Pass, Florida, arguing with her 14-year-sister, Christina Marie Sneary, over a telephonic instrument...

But instead of insulting each other's looks or resorting to some wild and ineffective clawing, as sisters are supposed to do, Elena instead decided to grab a 9mm handgun kept in the home. Then she put a bullet in Christina.

She seemed to immediately regret her actions. She ran from the home yelling that her sister had been shot.

When police arrived, she tried to claim the shooting was accidental. But the cops apparently weren't buying and charged her as a juvenile with aggravated battery.

She was led into juvenile court last week for her first hearing. But that's where she learned that Christina had died. Elena was escorted back out of court after learning that the charges would be upgraded.

Her brother, Jason Rendell, a sergeant in the Army, asked the judge to release Elena into his custody. The judge refused.

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