Jonathan James, 10, Dies of Dehydration After Being Denied Water for Wetting Bed



​In June, 10-year-old Jonathan James called his grandmother, asking if he could stay with her. He didn’t want to spend any more time staying with his father Michael Ray James and his wife, Tina Alberson. Jonathan told his grandma that he was always in trouble when he visited them…

As punishment for wetting the bed, Michael James and his wife Tina Alberson refused to give Jonathan water for five days despite 100-degree heat

​But there was nothing Sue Shotwell could do for her grandson. The visits with James had been ordered by a court. What she didn’t know was exactly how brutal Jonathan’s punishments really were.

It seems the boy had a problem wetting his bed. So James and Alberson fashioned a cruel way to rid him of the problem. They refused to let Jonathan have any water.

The bigger problem was that they lived in Dallas, where temperatures have been regularly over 100 degrees all summer. And they didn’t just deprive the boy of water. They also made him stand at the window of a room that lacked air conditioning so the sun would beat down on him.

Police believed they deprived him of liquids for five days before Jonathan finally capsized. James and Alberson put him in an ice cold bath as his temperature rose. When that failed to revive him, they took him to a hospital, telling doctors he was sick.

But medics already realized that something much worse had happened. They were already on the horn to police as they tried to save the boy. Unfortunately, Jonathan died not long after arriving.

His twin brother Joseph told police what happened in the home. He says he watched as Jonathan’s health begin to slip, but says he was too scared to sneak his brother water.

So far, James and Alberson are only charged with injury to a
child causing serious bodily injury. But we can expect those charges to be upgraded as the investigation progresses.

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