Kris Jordan, Ohio GOP State Senator, Gets Wasted Then Assaults Wife



UPDATE: Ohio Senator Kris Jordan will beat domestic abuse charges after his wife Melissa refused to help prosecute him. But the case  offers a comical look inside the dysfunctional marriage of a political power couple. See update after the jump

When he’s not busy solving the problems of the Great State of Ohio, Senator Kris Jordan enjoys getting hammered and beating up his wife

​On a week night, no less, Ohio State Senator Kris Jordan (R-Powell) got
all liquored up and decided to go on the warpath. It was a Monday
evening when the freshman senator, who represents five counties, started
barking mean at his wife, Melissa, and throwing her around.

It was just before eleven o’clock on July 11 when Melissa Jordan, 31, placed a 911 call to supposedly report the domestic incident. Upon getting the dispatcher on the line, Mrs. Jordan abruptly hung up. 

The emergency official called the number back. 
A winded Melissa Jordan told the 911 operator: “Just please, get somebody here…. My Husband, please.
“This is the first time I’ve called. He’s done this a lot. I can’t put up with this anymore. He’s had some drinks. He was pushing me around, throwing stuff. Because I called you, he wants — he says it’s over.” 
Over the course of the 11-minute call from Jordan, she fluctuated between wanting to report her husband and imploring the operator to nix summoning police to their house.
Jordan would also say her husband had threatened her with a firearm.
“He’s mad. He’s got the gun,” she said. “I don’t want anybody here. He took it out of his pocket and laid it down in the other room. It’s not on him right now….
“I made a mistake. I don’t want to go through with this anymore.”
In a short time, Delaware County deputies were on the couple’s front doorstep. Neither of the Jordans showed any physical signs of abuse. Still, the incident report filed later by deputies stated the episode did, at the very least, involve disorderly conduct if not domestic violence.
Melissa Jordan chose not to file domestic violence charges against her 34-year-old husband, a veteran Republican politician who had previously worked as a state representative and county commissioner.
Local officials are currently deciding whether or not to file a fourth-degree misdemeanor domestic abuse charge against Senator Kris Jordan.

UPDATE: Melissa Jordan refuses to pursue domestic abuse charges against her husband.

At just 34, Kris Jordan is already an Ohio state Senator, representing the affluent suburbs north of Columbus. Wife Melissa is the Delaware County recorder. It’s not actually an important job — she’s basically the keeper of the county paperwork — but it allows the holder to dispense patronage jobs to Republican loyalists, which makes her a big deal within the party.

Yet while they may be a power couple on the outside, their marriage is a batch of comical dysfunction when the curtains come down.

According to Melissa, Kris has a habit of becoming abusive when he drinks. She normally solves this problem by calling his parents.

Yes, she has to tell on him to his parents to get him to behave. 

But in their latest skirmish, Kris’ parents were out of town. So she decided to call the cops, saying she was tired of him getting violent and abusive on her, since it’s been going on for two years.

As soon as the cops arrived, she began to have second thoughts. “This is not new,” she told the cops, according to a police recording. “He’s done this numerous times, and I just got sick of
it and I just had to call.”

Still, she didn’t want him arrested.

The more comical response came from Kris. He said they’d begun fighting because his wife was pissed after he didn’t clean the upstairs of their home. Then, in a great moment of unintentional misogyny, he called the incident “90 percent emotion” on his wife’s part, adding, “She got a little upset. Girls do that.”

His wife just happens to be 31-year-old.

Obviously the Jordans are free to live as dysfunctional as they want. But we just wanted to show you behind the curtain of the self-proclaimed moral elite leading our country today.

Meanwhile, police say they had adequate evidence to charge Kris with domestic abuse. But since Melissa won’t help them, the case is being dropped.

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