Mom Makes Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Film Her Having Group Sex



​Social workers first investigated the 24-year-old Dallas mother not long after her daughter was born six years ago. But they were unable to substantiate any abuse or neglect, so the case was dropped. That left the unnamed mom in the clear to do anything she wanted…

And what she wanted most, it seems, was sex with a lot of men.

Though she was living with one man, she enjoyed inviting others over for group sex when he was away at work. She also liked to videotape the action, perhaps to critique her performance or just to game plan for future episodes.

But she was too cheap to buy a camera and a tripod. And since all the adults present were engaged in coital action, she decided to get her 6-year-old daughter to do the filming on a cell phone.

Police say the mother liked to skank in volume. Detectives estimate that as many as six men attended her romp sessions.

But their merriment became circumscribed when the little girl told the man who lived with them about her camera duties. And that guy called the cops.

The mom was arrested Saturday and charged with indecency with a child by exposure, which is punishable by up to 10 years in the slam. Police say she’s confessed to having her daughter film her group sex at least three different times.

Her boyfriend, naturally, is now her ex-boyfriend. He says he moved in with mother and daughter two years ago after the mom told her the girl was his. But he’s since discovered otherwise.

The girl has been placed in foster care. (Special thanks to reader Denimull for the tip.)

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