Principal Suzette York Stabbed to Death By Eduardo Marmolej at Memphis Junior Academy



​17-year-old Eduardo
Marmolejo had a simmering beef with Suzette York, the principal of Memphis Junior Academy, a private, Seventh-day Adventist school in Memphis. He was the only kid in the junior class, which was just added this year to the K-11 school…

There’s no word on exactly why he hated York, but he admitted to police he’d been plotting to kill her since May.

He finally got his chance to be alone with her yesterday at the $10,000-a-year institution. At around 11 a.m., Marmolejo stabbed York multiple times, leaving her in a pool of blood. The details are still coming in about where and when she died. But Marmolejo was at the scene when police arrived.

“Eduardo Marmolejo admitted that he had stabbed his teacher Suzette York
multiple times because he did not like her and she made him angry,” reads a police affidavit. “(He) said that he had been planning to kill Mrs. York
since May 2011 when he learned he would be returning to the Memphis
Junior Academy. (He) said that he planned to kill Mrs. York because he knew she would be alone in the classroom with him.”

York, originally from Canada, had been principal of the school since 2008. We’ll keep you posted.

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