Rebecca Francis Hart Convinced Her 2 Kids to Murder Husband Gilbert Hart



​The case began in August of 2009. Rebecca Francis Hart says she arrived at her Clarksville, Tennessee home at midnight after her was unable to reach her husband Gilbert by phone. When she got to the house she found the door open. Gilbert was shot to death inside…

Alex Hart kept his mouth shut for nearly two years. But when he pleaded guilty, he implicated his mom.

​It wasn’t long before police made an arrest. The couple’s daughter, also named Rebecca, said she had gone to the home with two teenaged boys, ages 17 and 15, to talk to her father. They had a brief conversation before she went outside to a car, leaving the boys behind.

Then the boys came out and they all drove away. Or so say claimed.

But Rebecca would soon be arrested and go on to implicate her 17-year-old brother, Alex. It seems father Gilbert was a dick to his children. So they responded by plotting for two months to kill him.

Rebecca admitted to driving Alex and 15-year-old John Paul George to their home, but says she never thought they’d go through with it.

All three ended up charged with murder.

They would keep their mouths shut while they waited nearly two years for their cases to go to trial. But that changed last month when Alex decided to plead guilty.

Rebecca Hart told detectives her brother and a 15-year-old friend killed Gilbert Hart because he was an abusive alcoholic

​He told detectives that father Gilbert was an abusive alcoholic. So he schemed with his sister to kill him, offering George a meager $200 to aid the plot. He says George shot Gilbert in the back of the head with a gun the Hart kids had given him.

Alex was subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison. He also agreed to testify against Rebecca and George at their upcoming trials. And now it appears that he’ll testify against his own mother as well.

Last Friday, his mom Rebecca Francis Hart, 42, was also arrested, charged with soliciting her children and
George to kill Hart.

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