Republic School District Twice Suspended Special Ed Girl Who Was Raped



​The unnamed girl was a special ed student at a middle school in Greene County, Missouri when she first began to encounter problems. During the 2008-2009 school year, she told administrators that she’d been harassed, sexually assaulted and raped by a male student…

But for reasons unknown, administrators thought she was making the stories up. They also told her mother that the girl had recanted her stories.

So the school made her write an apology letter to her rapist and never reported the incident to police, in violation of Missouri law. Then she was expelled for the remainder of the year for making a false report.

The girl returned to Republic School District the following year. Her mother asked school officials to protect her from the rapist, but the school said no.

That’s when the harassment began again. But this time she never told anyone, believing administrators wouldn’t believe her anyway.

In February of 2010, she says the boy dragged her to a secluded area of the school library and raped her again. This time, the girl’s mother got a rape examination done on her daughter. It not only proved that she’d been raped; DNA evidence matched the boy’s.

The kid ended up pleading guilty in juvenile court. But school officials still behaved like assholes. Instead of helping the girl, they decided to suspend her again, this time for “disrespectful conduct” and “public display of

Yet it seems school officials will finally pay for their callousness. The girl and her mother, who are only identified by their initials, have filed suit against the district, Superintendent Vern Minor, middle school Principal Patricia
Mithelavage, counselor Joni Ragain, and school resource officer Robert

If the district has any remorse over its behavior, however, it’s not showing it. The district has countered by calling the suit frivolous. It’s essentially arguing that the special ed girl was responsible for her own safety.

Celynda Brasher and Michelle Basi, who no doubt got their degrees from the Mephistopheles School of Evil, write that “the
girl failed and neglected to use reasonable means to protect her self,” and that her rape was the product of  “negligence, carelessness, or conduct of third parties over
whom the District Defendants had neither control nor the right to

In other words, the district is claiming it was powerless to help a 7th grade girl on school grounds, nor could it stop a little prick from raping her in a school library.

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