Robyn Gardner Didn’t Deserve to Die, But If You Play With Fire…



​Reader Collinitizki responds to Robyn Gardner Missing in Aruba; Boyfriend Claims She Was Swept Out to Sea. He says the same thing happened to him when his girlfriend told him she was going to North Carolina with a friend for a week. But that wasn’t the truth…

“I feel for this guy(Forester) as I have been similarly duped in the
past.  A girl I had been dating for a year told me about a guy who was
trying to make the moves on her but played it off like she wasn’t
interested in him.  She told me soon after that she was going to N.
Carolina for a week with her girlfriend.

“A couple days after she
left, she called me (crying) and admitted that she had actually gone
with this guy and wanted me to come pick her up.  I told her that I
wasn’t going to drive from OH to NC to get her and hung up.

for her, he didn’t harm her and in fact they must have worked things
out because she continued to see him (behind my back) after they
returned.  Once I realized that she was still seeing him, I broke up
with her for good but I had been “in love” with this girl, so I was
pretty depressed for the next month or two.

“In the end, he did me
a favor, as she was a pathological liar who not only cheated on me but
also stole from me on at least one occasion.  I can’t help thinking that
Robyn Gardner is/was cut from the same cloth with her lies about where
she was going, who she was going with and the sexual orientation of her
male “friend”.

“She certainly didn’t deserve to die but you know what they say about playing with fire…”