Sandy McMillin Forced to Leave Wal-Mart for Wearing Bikini Top in Store



​On today’s episode of Great Moral Dilemmas of the Day, we take you to the friendly confines of a Walmart in Eugene, Oregon. It seems 51-year-old Sandy McMillin needed to do a little shopping for some sour cream, potato chips and coffee creamer…

Sandy McMillin may be too old to rock the bikini top while shopping, but when you almost died in a motorcycle accident, do you really give a shit what other people think?

​And seeing as how it was 90-some degrees out, she decided to go shopping in a bikini top and pants.

At age 51, Sandy doesn’t have quite the body to be rocking the bikini in a retail setting. Then again, when you’re tattooed with a shaved head and you walk with a cane due to disabilities suffered in two motorcycle accidents, perhaps you’re beyond the point of worrying about what other people think of you.

After one crash, Sandy spent three months in a coma at the hospital. Her husband died in a motorcycle crash in 2006.

It’s not like she was shopping at Macy’s. Walmart customers have long provided proof that man evolved from ape — or at least the first trailer park in 4,000 B.C. Given its clientele, Sandy’s wardrobe selection had only a 50 percent change of standing out.

But stand out Sandy did. She says she was only in the store for about 5 minutes when an employee asked her to leave. Other customers had complained, she was told. So the employee escorted Sandy and her sister out of the store.

For its part, Walmart claims Sandy was verbally abusive to other customers, and that she was never told to leave.

But Walmart has refused to release its surveillance tape of the incident. Sandy now plans to sue the store for discrimination.

So what do you think, dearest reader? Was Sandy out of line with the way she dressed? Or did Walmart suddenly and inexplicably decide to enforce unreasonable standards on its customers? (Special thanks to reader Nemesis for the tip.)

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