Alyssa Otremba, 15, Beaten, Stabbed and Set On Fire; Javier Righetti Charged With Murder



UPDATE: 15-year-old Alyssa Otremba was robbed, raped and then stabbed to death before being set on fire by 19-year-old Javier Righetti. He’s not only confessed to police, but he’s admitted that he’s done this before. See update after the jump

Javier Righetti told police he’d robbed and raped before

​On Friday evening, 15-year-old Alyssa Otremba was walking home in Las
Vegas after picking up a textbook from her friend to do some homework.
The sophomore from Arbor View High
School texted her mother at 6:30 to say she’d be home within a

Then she promptly disappeared. Police, friends and family began searching for her.

She wouldn’t be found until 24 hours later. Friends looking for her came across her body in a vacant lot Saturday night. The girl had been beaten and stabbed to death, then her body was set on fire.

19-year-old Javier Righetti has been arrested yesterday for the murder. He’s had run-ins with the police before, and detectives apparently arrested him after a tip.

Alyssa’s family says she didn’t know Righetti. At the moment, detectives are presuming it was a random attack. They won’t say whether Alyssa was sexually assaulted or not. A Facebook memorial page has been set up in her honor.

Alyssa had been raped and then stabbed 40 times before he body was set on fire

UPDATE: Alyssa was robbed, raped and then stabbed to death.

According to police, Righetti was caught after he needed some help burning Alyssa’s body Friday night. A girl who knew Alyssa says her boyfriend, Daniel Ortiz, began getting calls from Righetti on Friday around midnight.

He asked Ortiz to stop by his home. That’s when Righetti confessed that he’d robbed several people that day and killed a girl in a deserted lot. At first Ortiz didn’t believe him, thinking that his friend was just high. But he nonetheless drove Righetti to a convenience store to buy matches and a container of gas.

They then drove to the vacant lot to torch Alyssa’s body. That’s when Ortiz told Righetti he was going to throw up and took off in his car. He refused to answer Righetti’s calls from then on.

Ortiz never called the cops, be he did tell his girlfriend. Three days later, she called detectives to relay the story. They interviewed Ortiz at his job, who told detectives the same thing. Police raided Righetti’s home that night.

He’s confessed to stalking Alyssa so he could rob and rape her. Then he stabbed her to death with a kitchen knife. An autopsy indicates she was stabbed in the face, neck, chest and stomach 40 times.

Righetti also admitted to robbing and raping people before. Police are investigating at least one other incident.

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