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Edythe Maa, Dominatrix & Fetish Model, Has One Boyfriend Murdered, Another Die in Home

By Pete Kotz in homicide, unsolved
Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 6:55 am
Edythe Maa was a renaissance woman of sorts. She was smart enough to at one point be working on her Ph.D. at Penn. She's also a successful dominatrix and fetish model, specializing in the art of clamped nipples and latex corsets under the name Jade Vixen...

Three years ago, fan David Kreig gunned down Maa's boyfriend, then took her hostage before killing himself
But it seems she was a little too successful. Three years ago, a stalker fan decided to kill her boyfriend, New York lawyer Anthony Ottaviano.

David Kreig, 42, ambushed the pair outside her Philadelphia apartment, shooting Ottaviano. He kidnapped Maa and held her for hours before finally releasing her unharmed. Then Kreig killed himself.

Lawyer Anthony Ottaviano was murdered three years ago outside Maa's Philly apartment
Maa rebounded quite nicely from the tragedy. She quit being a dominatrix and moved into fetish modeling. He career seemed to be going well. She had found a new boyfriend, 49-year-old engineer Peter Stelzenmuller, who'd started his own avionics company.

But last month, she came home at 8:30 p.m. Stelzenmuller was supposed to have gone to a concert with his brother than night. But at 11:30 that evening, Stelzenmuller's brother showed up looking for him. He'd never shown for the concert.

Maa ran to the attic to find him wearing a full scuba suit with the mask and all the tubes. Stelzenmuller had a rubber and latex fetish. The attic was apparently his playland. But Maa and his brother found him unconscious.

They cut him free and called 911. Unfortunately, Stelzenmuller was dead.

Detectives are working on the assumption that he died during autoerotic adventures, though a toxicology report has yet to be completed.

The problem is that Maa, though fully cooperative, never behaved like the grieving girlfriend. She was back on her internet site the next day. Her first Tweet was about a pair of shoes she was hoping to buy.

Two weeks later, she was yammering about "packing my sexy outfits for Montreal Fetish Weekend."

Of course, everyone grieves in their own way. And since Maa made her living as a sexual icon, it wouldn't have been good business to go on about a dead boyfriend, thus blowing a hole in her fans' fantasies.

Detectives are still investigating the case. We'll keep you posted.

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