Elizabeth Escalona Glues Daughter’s Hand to the Wall, Then Kicks the Hell Out of Her



​Friends and relatives knew 22-year-old
Elizabeth Escalona was a shitty mother. They’d seen her hit her four
kids in the past. But it seems they never intervened or called the cops.
Two-year-old Joselyn Cedillo would pay a nasty price for their

The little girl had soiled her pants at their Dallas apartment. Escalona considered it a mortal sin.

So she dragged her daughter by the feet from the kitchen to another part of the apartment. She put glue on the girl’s hand and stuck them to a wall until they bled. Then she beat her with a shoe and a belt, kicked her in the stomach and also beat her in the stomach with a jug of milk.

Being a moron, Escalona seemed unaware that this might, you know, severely injure a little girl. When Joselyn became listless, Escalona was on the horn to her mom for help. But by the time mom arrived, the girl was unconscious. She called an ambulance.

When doctors examined Joselyn, they found bruising all over he body, broken ribs and a concussion. She may end up with brain damage.

Escalona has been charged with injury to a child. Social services has taken custody of Joselyn and he three siblings. (Special thanks to reader Sandra for the tip.)

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