Frederick Wintle, Weirdo Politician, Resigns After Pulling Gun on Photographer at Dunkin’ Donuts



​Michael Seamans was walking outside a Dunkin’ Donuts in Waterville, Maine Saturday when he came across an armed man. The man pulled a gun, held it within two feet of Seamans’ chest, and said something about a drug dealer who supplied dope to a homeless woman…

Pollsters believe Winkle may be insane enough to win the Republican presidential primary — though it will be an uphill climb against Rick Perry’s hair, which is capable of melting butter at 1,000 yards

​It seems the woman had been in the news because her baby had died at a homeless shelter last week.

The problem is that Seamans is a photographer for the Morning Sentinel newspaper. He wasn’t carrying his camera, nor did he have anything to do with drug dealing or the death of the baby.

“Quite honestly, it was all nonsensical,” Seamans told the Bangor Daily News.

Fortunately, the kook didn’t pull the trigger and left. Seamans called the cops. Witnesses told police they could find the creepy bastard at Central Maine Motors, where the gunman was arrested.

But it turns out that the bad guy wasn’t just any nut. He’s an elected nut: Frederick L. Wintle, a state representative from Garland. He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and a felony charge of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.

At his initial hearing, a judge ordered the 58-year-old Winkle to undergo a psych evaluation, stay away from Seamans, and stay away from the statehouse.

The last condition made it somewhat difficult for Winkle to do his job. So Winkle resigned yesterday.

It will come as no surprise to my Southern friends that he’s a Republican. Naturally. He’s also a first-term legislator, which means he was swept to victory during the Tea Party craze, when hundreds of sociopaths of marginal stability were swept into office in the hopes of making America just that much weirder. They’re the kind of guys who cheer about letting uninsured people die. Because if you can’t get totally pumped about broke guys dying from the lack of medical attention, you really can’t call yourself a true patriot.

Pollsters believe that, despite his arrest, Winkle may be insane enough to win the Republican presidential primary — though it will be an uphill climb to compete against Rick Perry’s hair.

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