Jay Mariotti, Ex-ESPN Talking Head, Allowed to Skate on Stalking Charges



​Jay Mariotti was best known as a mean-spirited columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and a yapping dog on ESPN’s most irritating show, “Around the Horn.” But that all changed in August of 2010, when he decided to stalk his girlfriend in California…

He was arrested that month for confronting a woman who accused him of stalking her. A month later, he pleaded no contest and a judge dismissed six misdemeanor counts of domestic violence, grand theft and false imprisonment if he agreed to counseling and community service.

He was also ordered Mariotti to stay away from the woman.

But it seems Mariotti confronted her again on the same day of the judge’s ruling. And it happened again in April of this year, when he confronted her outside a Venice restaurant, took her cellphone, yelled at her, and pulled out a chunk of her hair extensions.

But despite being a serial stalker who violated court orders, Mariotti has once again been allowed to skate. He was facing up to five years on the latest charges for felony stalking, corporal injury on a spouse or domestic partner,
assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury, and two
misdemeanor counts of disobeying a court order.

But in exchange for a plea, Judge
James Dabney agreed to reduce all charges to misdemeanors. Mariotti was sentenced to just 90 days of community service, counseling, and five years of probation.

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